Domestic Abuse Bill to Become Law

Domestic violence or domestic abuse is a kind of violence that occurs within a home. Mostly, the abuse incidents occur within family members or relationships. For instance, between a husband and a wife, siblings, parents, and children, etc.

Experts often use this term with partner violence or law violence that a woman has to go through after marriage. But, as a general term, it can involve violence against any age group or person. Because of the widening scope of gender inequality, domestic violence victims are largely women. They are often mistreated or harmed in some manner while cohabiting with a spouse or his family. In any form of an abusive relationship, domestic violence may be mental, physical, or even sexual. Largely, cultural and social upbringing are some of the major reasons behind it. While many nations are moving forward with stringent means to end domestic abuse at any scale. They also encouraged women to not stay silent and come forward to complain against the person guilty. Although it had been seen that they forced many women to not step up, but with changing times, things are getting better.

Domestic Abuse Bill to Become Law:

In the English territory, specifically England and Wales, a new domestic abuse bill has been passed. The bill aims to bring in the factors like revenge porn and forceful behavior. In a time when technology is constantly becoming a tool for harassment and abuse, many people supported this bill. Although during the parliamentary session, some ministers doubted whether it would improve the situation.

One of the major factors that it has now implemented is regarding children. With the bill, we would now recognize even children as victims of domestic abuse. Largely, the ministers came forward to support the bill to fulfill the aim of building a better society unanimously. Another major issue raised by peers was regarding stalking. Stalking is a serious threat to a person’s privacy, especially in the context of domestic abuse. With the minimal privacy between spouse or parents and children, it can easily become a soft target for stalkers. This can lead to a situation of cyberbullying, mental trauma and can lead a person to depression. Although the amendment was not accepted, the bill hopes to include a provision so that the guilty could be punished within 12 months.

Tackling the serious issue of domestic abuse, the government hopes to include the increased funding. With this, the authorities would find it easier to implement the additional measures and laws. Several defenses that could previously an accused were taken away, supposedly in the bill. Along with that, the positive monitoring of victims and the attackers is in the picture. With this, it would become easier to track the abusers and the victims so that help can be offered before it is too late. The government unanimously agreed to rule out the rough sex defense. It means that a person who is accused of injury or death of a victim can claim that it happened during rough intercourse. Earlier regarded as merely an accident, it no longer stands as a ground of defense.

Note: This is not a piece of legal advice, please consult your concerned lawyer.