What is Stand Your Ground Law?

Often referred to as the no duty to retreat or stand your ground law, it is common legislation among many countries with some variations. It allows the people in a complex situation that impose a threat on their life or apprehension of a deadly ham to use force against someone. This is a part of the protection provided to citizens under the self-defense protocol. Although few countries have this legislation, those that ensure that by all means it is protected. It has often come out as an enormous relief for persons involved as a victim in cases of theft, murder, rape, dacoit, etc.

Let us try to learn more about this law and understand the situation with context to Ohio.

What is Stand Your Ground Law?

Under this law, the person who apprehends such attack or harm, that can cause death or serious injury, can not retreat. The person has to remain in the situation and can use reasonable force to save himself. This law can only be invoked if the person using the force has not started the wrong himself. If he has, he does not have a right to seek protection under this law. In most countries that this law applies, they usually, ensure that they strictly followed it on personal property or vehicle. So if a person apprehends danger or threat to life in these two places, he can use force to defend himself. In the United States of America, almost 38 states have legalized the use of stand your ground defense.

These states include the likes of South Carolina, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Nevada, etc.

Although the law varies among the states, the legislation decides the limitations and outcomes of such defenses, the common scope of misuse in the cases of such a defense of stand you ground is large. It involves the obligation that a person is under while in a violent situation where he has to fight and not choose to escape. Although it has been rarely seen that a court cared whether the person left, as the danger of loss of life, is immense in such situations. But, the aggravation to remain in the situation has been a common point of debate around the world.

In Ohio, recently, the Governor, Mike DeWine January could introduce the law after which it soon came into force lately. With this, the legal system has taken a big shift as people are up for debates on whether this is a good move. But, as promised by the Governor before polling, he did what was best for the safety of the citizens. Although, stand your ground laws are most effective if the person involved has a valid license to carry the weapon. Many intellectuals and experts have been defending the move as in most of the other states in the United States, the law has already been in place. But, many experts have also said that it does not change things much as it is on the person to decide what to do. But, many believe that fleeing the situation causing no harm is a good option that should be exercised. Obligating others to stand their ground might create tensions in public places.

Note: This is not a piece of legal advice, please contact your concerned lawyer.