Leveraging Technologies for the Practice of Law

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Technology is making everything better each year and also bringing in a possibility of changing the future. With the massive change that many experts forecast, they estimate that artificial intelligence would be on a rise. Along with it, the manual tasks and labor-intensive work would significantly reduce. In such a scenario, it becomes important to note that the preparation a job sector or field of work has for the future. We cannot continue preparing the same way as we had been, because the future would not remain the same.

For the legal sector, be it the lawyers, solicitors, judges, or even court staff. Everyone has felt the heat of an incoming boost of technology in the coming years. Already, most of the developed courts around the world, be it of common law or civil law nations, use technology in some form. These statistics may not worry someone now, but a few years later, it could cost someone a living. Hence, it is important to have enough preparation and learn to leverage technology instead of giving in to your work. Let us try to see how lawyers or people from the legal field of work can do so. This would ensure smooth conduct of development at a stable pace over the years.

How to Leverage Technology for the Practice of Law:

First is, the use of intelligent technology in reducing workload. Yes, although it is quite obvious that with the help of technology, the menial work would lessen. But, it is crucial to not forget that one should remain prepared now. If you do not become tech-savvy or become acquainted with the use of technology, you would only remain a manual worker. And, slowly but soon, the need for a manual worker in law would be over. Start ensuring that you use a laptop or device to type legal documents and also become acquainted with the use of video meeting technology to converse online. With the COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is a good time to begin this now as most of the courts in the world have shifted online.

Review of contracts is another essential way of leveraging technology in the practice of law. Contracts are vast and quite complex. An average law firm can have over a thousand contracts that it handles of the clients. In such a scenario, it is difficult to manage all the contracts or to ensure their content. Hence, it is important to use the oncoming contract review technologies. They would help ensure to find the right clauses and identify if something usual is missing there. Although such technology might cost a bit as of now, it is an excellent investment for the future and can help train the employees.

Drafting is another manual work that most lawyers do today. Although technology has played a pivotal role in its growth, people still have little idea about automated drafting. There are several software and applications with which a lawyer can pre-set the clauses and names of parties to prepare a legal document. With the help of an e-signature, it is possible to get verification as well.

Note: This is not a piece of legal advice, please contact your concerned lawyer.